Blue blood stains my blade
The soft noise that you made in pain
The smell of death that covered what was yours
I try to wipe away
The guilt that plagues me in the day
That keeps the dreams from coming when I sleep

My eyesight may have healed but I have not
The balance is all off now you are gone
I know that I stopped a big mistake
But I never thought that I would see(make) you break

Cold hands punish me
Leave their bruises ruthlessly
The punishment is just I tell myself
This is not good for me
But I can't seem to stop you see
I'm addicted to the way he makes me bleed
Though I know that I cannot undo my deed

I can't remember the smell of your blood
The vision dulled that sense so it feels it's gone for good
I would give anything to have you back again
And this time I'd forgo justice all to save a friend
But there's no course of action I can take
I'll just hope that someday soon I too will break

Composição: Totalspiffage
Enviada por Amanda.
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