Blue On The Fourth of July

Tay Zonday

Tonight a soldier falls asleep
Dreams along a lonely street
Soon he kisses Ma goodbye
Tastes her famous apple pie

Flies old glory by his door
Loves the land he's fighting for
Says "Mama Mama don't you cry,
Ain't so long 'til I'll be back."

Marching off to serve my country
Blessed are those who sacrifice
Think about me in July
It'll cheer you up inside

Morning breeze of Uncle Sam
Blows heritage into his hand
Churches singing high and loud
He's a'gonna make them proud

The children form a motorcade
To give the boy a serenade
As the tarmac looses contact
He can see the welcome parade


Down the road a Mama cries
Tries to see her baby's eyes
Celebrate the Fourth of July
Underneath another sky

She holds a picture to her chest
Prayers to God racing through her flesh
Says "Love my country, yes I do.
I'll ask it in Red, White, and Blue"

Why am I just blue
on the Fourth of July?

Love the soldier.
Love the soldier.
Loving and blessing
So proud of every soldier.

But something ain't right
On the Fourth of July

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