Baby I'm Not

Tay Zonday

Hot bodies in the magazine
Trying to fill your dreams

Jumpin-up off the paper
Makin you tingle

If i was on the next page
Would you rip me out
Crumble me up?

Would i be good enough
To break the two of you up

Baby i'm not a good classified
I get better when you close your eyes

Hope you don't mind
I got a lot of baggage
Could be a sign
We're takin a vacation

Up to the moon they got a resort
Where they're selling tickets
To the inside of a broken heart

Let me in
I'ma rock it out inside of your skin


Gotta see you smile
Like a bad habit
Know you love your body
Maybe i can share it

Put you in the bible
You can be my sabbath
I'll be your disciple
Tell me your commandments

On the darkest days
You know i'm not a bother
I just hold you tight
And we can light each other

I love you
And i'm no perfect pleasure
I just know it's best
If we can be together

Sweat drippin'
Down your sweet skin
And the clock's tickin'
On a lonely night

You're lookin' for a he-man
But a hu-man maybe
Gets you by

Your heart skips a beat
You can't seem to breathe
Cause you're not really sure about me

But feel my teeth
Judge my heat
Maybe you got
Some feelings for me

[chorus x2]

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