Do The Can't Dance

Tay Zonday

Some do the River Dance
Some do the Salsa Dance
Some do the Chicken Dance
I do the Can't Dance

Some do the Square Dance
Some do the Circle Dance
Some do the Sun Dance
I do the Can't Dance

Gonna be goin out
Nobody findin' out
Makin' me bust a move?
I never got my groove

Do the Can't Dance
Can't Dance your pants off
Can't Dance
Show all your friends off
Can't Dance
Shakin' the club up
Can't Dance
Don't let the beat stop
Can't Dance
No one but you now
Can't Dance
Nobody knows how
Can't Dance
Make it your birthday
can't Dance
Make it your own way


Everybody does the can't dance

I don't care what people say

Grandma does the can't dance

Cool kids to the can't dance

Fido does the can't dance

Some do the Fast Dance
Some do the Slow Dance
Some do the Tap Dance
I do the Can't Dance

Some do the Rain Dance
Some do the Snow Dance
Some do the Cool Dance
I do the Can't Dance

Gotta be lookin' sweet
Cause you about to meet
Someone to make you happy
Don't wanna look like you're tacky


Can't Dance

Can't Dance

Can't Dance

Composição: Tay Zonday
Enviada por Lucas.
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