Black Sheep

Martin Sexton

Sittin in this lonely town wonderin when things are gonna change
Dreamin my life away and it seems them dreams they turned into a bunch of dust clouds

Gettin my nerve up but my past is pullin me down
wonderin how long this black sheep can stick around
Somebody told me once before

you can never go home again once you leave
say anything just to steer me away from the truth of what I who I am and what I believe
So I thanked him for his two cents
with a shake and some sympathy
and I packed up my blue jeans and I headed for the big prize
of my freedom

Bye bye black sheep
black sheep of the family
Bye bye black sheep how that means so much to me
Bye bye to my friends and to my family
bye bye black sheep goin off and set my soul set it free

Times they were changin I did just a little re-arrangin
take a couple chances my progress it advances
to that prize of my freedom

It's written in the stars that steel bars never will a prison cell make
once I find that sweet home or a place I like to call home anyway
some people will say I'm crazy singin out loud like I do here on the street

when I got A song I sing it out loud and if you don't like that my friend
well I'm gonna say to you


Composição: Martin Sexton
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