Casino Foundation

Martin Sexton

This aint no holiday
Oh no this aint no vacation
This is your chance to pay
The great casino foundation.
Jasmine had a little time on her hands
Time enough to vent some frustration
A single mother and with all the demands
Easy money was the temptation
That's how it started.
Midnight it's out the back door into her Jeep
Over the mountains to Reno
Meanwhile her eight year old is still fast asleep
It's video poker and Keno
There she'll tell me some lies
There she'll make some more promises
A gamblers glaze in her eyes
Time to break some more promises
Jasmine and company at table 13
A great big man who hauls lumber
Fixed income granny and a chain smoking queen
All waiting for the same number
Where the sun never shines
And there are no more clocks on the wall
The only way to tell time
Is when the men come and say it's time
Jasmine's conscience is hot on her trail
Or was it a big sugar daddy
It's sink the Jeep and put the house up for sale
Or it's Las Vegas Nevad-y
No this aint no vacation.

Composição: Martin Sexton
Enviada por Thamyres.
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