Gypsy Woman

Martin Sexton

I was a fool I was so much younger then
The night she took me by surprise
I should have known all the trouble that I'd be in
But then she hooked me with those eyes
Her drink was gin as she said tonight would never end
But her love weighed so heavy on my mind
For she was the live-in lover of a drummer I called my friend
She weren't nothing but a gypsy in disguise

Gypsy woman how'd you do that to me
Gypsy woman stole my heart and then you set me free
Gypsy woman how'd you learn to like that
Gypsy woman come on back

Spending my wages on rose and wine
We'd ride the days and we'd dance the nights
The things we could do in my old VW
The city lights never seemed so bright from the reservoir
And my friends they would warn me saying she's one fickle queen
Better get out while the getting is good my friend
And besides her old drummer man is looking
And he's so big and bad and mean
But what I didn't know then is what I know too well
She played me like a violin


So you tell me that you're leaving me now
After all the times that we have been through
As your clown how am I gonna ever go home
Somebody tell me what am I gonna do

And so it goes I lost my pride
And I lost my job
This gypsy woman took nearly every thing I called my own
It was a big surprise
So next time she comes dancing prancing through the town
Gonna recognize the gypsy
I'm gonna recognize the gypsy
Gonna recognize the gypsy in disguise

Composição: Martin Sexton
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