Light and Shadows

Uli Jon Roth

Hallowed be thy name
Hallowed be thy name

We are waiting for you in darkness
Waving the wands of night
We are trembling like leaves in the last days
But there's no light
There's no light..

We are crying for you from the shadows
Trying to crawl to the light
We are searching for you in the meadows
"Yonder circle hawks and kite
Yonder hawks and kite..." 2x

We are serving the sons of perdition
Who as princes rule the world
Whom their father has given permission
To worship the black pearl
Worship the black pearl...

We are seeding with poison our skies
Azrael sings on his Haarp
We are bleeding and dying like flies
In the cold light of F-sharp
The cold light of F-sharp...

The millions of people in bondage
To the dark side of the moon
Tortured creatures, survivors of clone age
On this island we're marooned
'Tis the planet of the doomed...

I hear echoes of stone age increasing
From a future far too tall
I see hordes of Neanderthals policing
Pride does come before the fall
Pride comes before the fall...

Save us now!
Lord have mercy on our souls
Save us through your grace!

And replenish our deserted fountains
And remember our famished race
And keep calling our names from your mountain
Remember your soldiers of grace
The soldiers of your grace...

Save us now!

Composição: Uli Jon Roth
Enviada por Felipe.
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