Uli Jon Roth

Tiny Flower
Within thy lilac depth
I see the breathing Universe...
All strength, all wisdom - never changing law.
Infinite Beauty!
Thou art embracing all the power
And the weakness of creation.
In thine embrace I will find ev'rything...
In thee lies hidden all the precious
knowledge, misteries
Within the calyx bottomless
dwells all the vision of the future and the past;
Priceful slumber of the child unborn -
and of the ancient man.
Horrors and sorrows - days gone by­ -
And peace and beliefs
Waiting for my treacherous kiss
to be disturbed in holy sleep.
Tiny Flower
I want to become thee
I want to become free
I want to drown myself in thee...

Composição: Uli Jon Roth
Enviada por Suzani.
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