A Very Handy Man (Indeed)

The Meteors

Getting close to his neighbours it was important to him
Skin skin skin Eddie G well it can't be a sin
You go 'round to Ed's house you won't tear yourself away
If you call round for Eddie then be prepared to stay
Go see Mrs. Geins's one and only face to face

He is really simple or cleverer than you?
The dreams that Eddie dreams well you couldn't do
Down on the farm where he chopped wood
Down on the farm yeah ten got it good
Work to do Eddie, mother's little helper

What face is he wearing, is it someone you knew?
Or are you inside out and is he seeing through you?
Packed up in boxes, people that he'd meet
When Eddie felt real low well he geined twenty feet
Dig dig dig Eddie G., mummy says you're sweet

Composição: P. Paul Fenech
Enviada por Leon.
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