4Lb Hammer

The Meteors

I killed her lover with a 4 pound hammer
They looked so fuckin sweet walking hand in hand
I smashed his head in I couldn't take it any longer
Stopped my car right there and put an end to that
Just a little screaming nothing much at all
I put the pretty boys' brains up the wall
Thought it was quite reasonable
An I put her in the car
And I took my baby home

I looked at her again she didn't look the same
It was a different girl I didn't know her name
I swear I saw my baby that's why I stopped for sure
Now I know I got it wrong like many times before
I gotta cover up and stop this girl from crying
If she really wants him back I guess she won't mind dying
I smiled and said don't worry I got the answer in my hand
Found a quiet place to park
And swung my hammer down

I dug another hole and hid another sin
Jumped back in the car to look for her again
I drive from town to town every single night
Love has done me wrong I gotta make it right
I see her now and then with another man
I got the answer here in my right hand
It always ends the same I guess it always will
If she doesn't stop this thing I know my hammer will

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