Good Day

Tally Hall

I'd like to say hello and welcome you good day that is my name
Come here and sit down I'm so glad you even really truly came
We can even go and take a walk or something like that or something like that
But first i need to introduce my what and introduce my when

Let us sing! (Ahh, ahh ahh)

Its a name i like to call it likes to say it's nothing (it's nothing)
It lives and breathes and it insists that it insists that it is something (it's something)
It never liked to speak or run or walk or sleep or eat (oh-ee oh-ee oh)
It even thought that everybody tried to thought to take its seat

Looking through glass eyes
Giving a few tries
Nothing goes right in its time
Kill all its bad dreams
Wonder 'bout no things
Circles and spirals in mind

But we know that this song is not about a no or yes or why
What's really truly what i say is that about a little sigh
So come along i think I'm done i think we're done yes this is done
What's truly that i think about it and it thinks about a ton


I thought you knew i knew but
Why and by and why and by and by
I wanted you to know
I thought you knew but
Why and by and why

Let us sing!

Birds and bees and television
Cardboard houses, x-ray vision
Many little silly rhymes
Things forgotten lost their times
Telephones and silly games
Periods and lots of question marks

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