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Heartstopper (trilha sonora)

58 músicas • Criada por: Ouvir

Aqui estão todas as músicas que tocam em Heartstopper, série da Netflix. Ouça a trilha sonora da história de Nick, Charlie e seus amigos.

  1. girls girl in red
  2. Want Me Baby Queen
  3. Don't Delete The Kisses Wolf Alice
  4. Lovesick P.E.A.C.E.
  5. Dance With Me Beabadoobee
  6. Dover Beach Baby Queen
  7. Sappho Frankie Cosmos
  8. Why Am I Like This? Orla Gartland
  9. My Own Person Smoothboi Ezra
  10. Telephone Waterparks
  11. LUCID Rina Sawayama
  12. Clearest Blue CHVRCHES
  13. Alaska (Toby Green Remix) Maggie Rogers
  14. What's It Gonna Be? Shura
  15. Heart Flor
  16. Nothing Else I Could do Ella Jane
  17. UrbanAngel1999 Thomas Headon
  18. If You Want To Beabadoobee
  19. Buzzkill Baby Queen
  20. fever dream mxmtoon
  21. Paper Mache World Matilda Mann
  22. I Want To Be With You Chloe Moriondo
  23. Knock Me Off My Feet SOAK
  24. Flirting With Her Sir Babygirl
  25. Bang Bang Bang Lauran Hibberd
  26. Tired Beabadoobee
  27. Any Other Way Tomberlin
  28. Smokey Eyes Lincoln (Vlogs)
  29. Our Window Noah and The Whale
  30. Because I Love You Montaigne
  31. Close To You Dayglow
  32. Moment In The Sun Sunflower Bean
  33. First Sight Adiescar Chase
  34. Déjà Vu Adiescar Chase
  35. X Adiescar Chase
  36. Head In The Clouds Adiescar Chase
  37. On The Move Adiescar Chase
  38. Angst Adiescar Chase
  39. Off To Nick's Adiescar Chase
  40. Just Friends Adiescar Chase
  41. Milkshake Adiescar Chase
  42. Falling Leaves Adiescar Chase
  43. Electricity Adiescar Chase
  44. The Lads Adiescar Chase
  45. Misconceptions Adiescar Chase
  46. Kiss Adiescar Chase
  47. Possibilities Adiescar Chase
  48. Clash Adiescar Chase
  49. Rugby Match Adiescar Chase
  50. Wanna Go Out Sometime Adiescar Chase
  51. Happy Complications Adiescar Chase
  52. New Best Friend Adiescar Chase
  53. Embrace Adiescar Chase
  54. Exploration Adiescar Chase
  55. Sports Day Adiescar Chase
  56. Heartstopper Adiescar Chase
  57. Encore Adiescar Chase
  58. I Belong in Your Arms (Photek Remix) Chairlift