A Great Interruption

Mike Hirst

Life goes on just as it always has,
Oh we plan our whole lives away.
One day we'll wake with a shout, you'll interrupt history,
One day they'll know without a doubt you are lord.

Life goes on just as it always has,
Drinking and laughing away, and carrying on.
One day the heavens will shake and bring the kings to their knees,
One day the whole world will know that jesus is lord.

Oh this looks strange to me
The times and seasons and headlines now read,
Of things that you spoke of long before me
It starts to unwind.
Oh this feels strange to me
The birth pangs, the world has been groaning to be
Set free from all of these ancient chains,
We're seeing things change.

And now we've become the days that won't last,
The world that we've know, a thing of the past.
And now we've become the goats and the sheep,
My god has spoken and now we will see.
The moon will turn red, the sun dark as night,
The earth will be shaken beneath starless skies.
And now we've become the ending to be,
The lord he has spoken and now we will see.
…i will see…


And now we've become the children of light,
We'll see creation how it was designed.
And now we have come to grips with the price,
Jesus has paid, he has saved my life.
Here are my crowns, i lay at your feet,
I am unworthy but worthy art thee.
And now we've become eternally thine,
Jesus i'll love you with all of my life
…for all my life…

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