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Angry Hostile Ugly

Jace Everett

I keep in my cool like I always do
Ain't gonna lose it here in front of your friends
Now I'm keepin' my cool
You make me so mad and that I don't understand
I try to be nice so why you wanna treat me so bad
That I don't know why you do what you do
But it's you and you do it again
I get so angry, I get so angry
Angry hostile ugly
I see you smilin' again
My patience's gettin' thin like my skin
My blood pressure get high
Something ain't right
You're laughin' at me again
You got me bitin' my lip
Some kind of crazy head trip
I feel hot and cold when you leave me alone
You got me bitin' my lip
And why can't you walk like the way that we talk
When we talk you're just laughin' away
I get so angry, I get so angry babe
I get so angry hostile ugly
See it's cruel to be kind that
I wouldn't mind that you try

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