From Strangers To Lovers To Friends

George Jones

I'm really glad that you called me
I'm unhappy you found someone new
I've been looking myself and if I'd find someone else
First so I'm telling is you

We're better off to have known love
We're more than we might have been
How many can say they went all the way
From strangers to lovers to friends

Things could have turned out much different
We could have been strangers again
We were lucky to learn watched the bridge has been burned
Only fools try to cross it again

Oh I know that I'm going to miss you
And although I'm hurt now and then
I'll never regret what we went through to get
From strangers to lovers to friends

I'm not one that sorry I loved you
Or not do it all over again
I remember we cried when we walked side by side
From strangers to lovers to friends

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