(The Corvette Song) The One I Loved Back Then

George Jones

I stopped off at the quicksack for some beer & cigarettes
This old man took my money as he stared at my Corvette
He said, I had one just like her son, in 1963
Til' the man down at the bank took her from me

Oh, she was hotter than a two dollar pistol
she was the fastest thing around
Long and lean every young man's dream
She turned every head in town
She was built and fun to handle,
Son, I'm glad that you walked in
She reminds me of the one I loved back then
Well I handed him my keys and said, here take her for a spin
The old man scratched his head, then he looked at me and grinned
He said son you just don't understand it ain't the car I want
It's the brunette in your vette that turns me on

repeat chorus:
repeat last line of chorus:

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