Breather 2000


Yeah oooh
Deep in

Now I took what I want
But you find it
Everything has gone

Follows to my shadow
You wont follow in my plateau

I look into the sky
You try to catch me
I follow into the sky

You where once there
Now your not there
I went peace
Do you feel me
When you swallow
Take my breathe in
Do you follow

Catch me down when i am
Deep in x 2

** scatting ** shoo do do do do doooo etc

As I swallow
Catch my eye
Seeing places far behind
In your city it fills me up
Clouds are falling to

Yeah I couldnt stop
I couldnt stop x 2
But i couldnt stop
I couldn't..... ooooh oooh aaah

I follow shadows
Fill me up x 2
Oh no no
Fill me up x 2

Deep in x 2

Composição: Steve Miller
Enviada por Camila.
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