Hunter Killer


Live your life in emptiness
Your days are sick and meaningless
You feed on blood and pain of those
Who can't pay with severity and war

The blood you drink as cheapest wine
It comes from beings that can feel
It stains your soul forevermore
Here comes the pay, the avenger of all

Hunting, killing
Killing you

I wait for you in deadly cold
I smell your fear of sudden death
To take your life my only aim
To hear your screams of agony and end

Hunting, killing
Killing you

I remember the time, I remember the dark of night
I remember your lies, I remember all those who died
I remember the thrill, I remember that frozen chill
I remember the seal, I remember the blood you've spilled
I remember the blood you've spilled

Curse the day when you were born
There's no way out, out of my claws
The primal instinct now prevails
The toy becomes the master of your fate

Hunting, killing
Killing you

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