All By Myself

Young Buck

[Young Buck:] Yeah

[50 Cent:] Man Ive Been Tellin' Niggas Over And Over

[Young Buck:] Ayo Waddup Niggas

[50 Cent:] Do Not Play Wit This Nigga Man

[Young Buck:] Ayo Man There Be A Lotta Niggas Out Here, Talkin Bout They Got Beef With G-Unit And You Know I Be Seeing These Niggas, I Be By Myself And Shit, Niggas Be Like A Hundred Deep And Shit, I Be Like Wassup Nigga Dem Niggas Be Like Nah Man, It Aint Like Dat

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Look Up Its A Full Moon
The Sound Of The Wind Blowin
And You Dont Know You Bout To Get Killed
But I Been Knowin
The Nights Still Young
I Might As Well Come Round Midnight
Just Me All By My Lonely
My Homies Gonna Sit Tight
Im Workin Wit A Pocket And Just A Lil Bit Of Gas Money
But Bet I Come Back
Wit What Dem Niggas Done Snatch From Me
My Crip And Blood Thugs Wanna Get Witcha
They Mad At Me
Cuzz Im Tellin Dem Its Personal Nigga
I Wanna See If This Mothafucka Want It Wit Me
So On Three Ima Hop Up Out Dis Suv
If U Around Em
N U Feel Like You Down Wit Em
Juss Soon As This Round Hit Em
Ya Lay In Da Ground Wit Em
Awaitin By Satan
And Being Carried By The Lord
What My Life Cost Bill Gates Couldnt Even Afford
Aint Nuttin Stoppin Reprocutions If I Die
This Aint Got Nuttin To Do Wit Dr. Dre Muthafucka
Its You And I

I Dont Need 10 Niggas Wit Me
I Dont Run, Echo, Get Da Police
I Will Do It Myself
You Know Me
Ima Muthafuckin G
If Its Beef Bitch Nigga Will See
I Will It Do It Myself

Let Em Hate
Homie You Know Where I Be
You Done Seen Me Get Down On Tv
I Will Do It Myself

And I Brought The Whole Unit Wit Me
But They Already Know How I Be

[Verse 2: Young Buck]
In The Beginning
I Was Humble Just Thankful For Makin It Out The Jungle
I Never Ever Said Nuttin On Dis Mic I Didnt Want To
Ima Soldier
And Soon As 50 Gives Me A Mission
Im On My Enemies Territory
To Play Mah Position
Homie Know Me
And Even If Dat Nigga Is Where Ya Chain
See We Both From The
But Homie We Aint Da Same
And I Remain In The Same Fukin Project Building
I Got Guns Everywhere
Bullet Holes In Da Ceiling
My Adrenaline Pumping
Got This Twelve Gauge Dumpin
Out Da Back Of Dis Cutlass
So If I Get Hit Up
Then Fuck It
The Reaper Comin So Dont Look Back
Juss Keep Runnin
Tell 50 For This Hit
I Dont Need Nuttin
You Owe Me One
And Show Dis Homie Where He Be At
Thats All I Need To Know
You Can Go
Ima Be Back
Any Other Time
I Prolly Woulda Asked Banks To Ride
But This Aint Got Nuttin To Do Wit G-Unit Nigga
Its U And I


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