The Price Of One


Boy, I know you want some
of this good lovin' tonight
I look good taste so sweet
from my head down to my feet
If you liking what you see
and you wanna get wit me
You should know
(something you should know)
Before we can proceed
There's more
than what 'cha see
Catch my flow

More woman
than you'll ever need
I'll get it right
until the job gets done
More man than you'll ever be
You'll get two lovers
for the price of one

I can tell you still want me
by the look in your eyes
going home with me
even though you know the "tee"
satisfaction guaranteed
to fulfill your fantasies
say you got twenty-three,
I think we better leave

You're the kinda man I like,
some men are so up tight and they lie
When I know they wanna get freaky
Don't want they're friends to see
Them hookin' up with me, so they creep

Don't give a damn
what people think of me
I am what I am
There's so much more to me
Than what they can see

Composição: Jimmy Harry / RuPaul / Tommy Trujillo
Enviada por Rafael.
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