A Little Bit Of Love


Times getting tough
Bringin' you down, down to the ground
Tears in your eyes
Pain is so bad that you wanna die
Well, look here
You've got a friend to shelter you
When the storm clouds come in
You'll always have me
Just wait and see
Our love's gonna be

A little bit of love
Goes a long, long way
Lifting you up to a brighter day
A little bit of love
Goes a long, long way
Turn it around when you up and say
Everybody say love (love)
Can you feel the love? (love)

You're down and you're out
Ain't even got a damn dime to you're name
And the world is so cold
No one to hold and you wonder why

Well, look here
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off
You're gonna shine, you're gonna shine
'Cause I'll be around
Bringing you up when your heart needs

Composição: Joe Carrano / RuPaul
Enviada por Rafael.
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