Do The Right Thing


I put my trust in you,
my lover and my friend
I'll be right by your side,
through thick and thin
Just call my name (Starrbooty),
When the going gets too tough
I'll be right there for you,
when the world ain't enough

Never let me down
Don't do me wrong (hey)
Y'gotta do me right (uh oh)
Do the right thing

I love you dearly,
with all my heart
My loyalty,
is better than guaranteed
As you respect me,
I'll respect you
Just say
that you'll be there,
as I am for you

And when you're faraway,
and you feel the need
To have somebody close,
the way you have with me
I'll always understand,
you're only human
I'm human too,
just remember me,
cover me
remember me,
remember me

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