The World Has Changed

Leo Sayer

Though the world has changedwe're still the sameyou know that i love youthough the world has changedwe're still the sameyou know that i love you -- yeah
Counting the months and the yearswhen i lived alonethe days were so bleakand the nights were so black and coldwalkin' around in the streetin the pouring rainhanging 'round waitin' for lovebut it never came
Suddenly you were therethough i never thought about younow that the world has changedit's so strange that i found you
Sharing a secret that no onecould understandfeeling brave in my heartyet too scared to let go of your handrunnin' wild in the streetsjust the way all the young lovers doyou only livin' for meand me only for you
Suddenly life has changedwhen you said i love youand though the words were plainit's so strangeyou said i love youand oh how my life has changedafter searchin' in vaini found you
Though the world has changedwe're still the same -- i still love youthough the world has changedahh, we're still the same, y'know i love you
One night i thought that you were gonewhat could i do?runnin' around in the pouring rainlookin' for youwondering if i'd ever see you againthen through the darknessi heard you calling my name
Loving you when you're not therei'm never lonely anywhereoutside the world has changedwe're the samei still love youand though the world has changedthe words are the sameyou know i love you

Composição: Billy Livsey / Leo Sayer
Enviada por Fernando.
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