I Will Not Stop Fighting

Leo Sayer

Oh i can see the sadness in your eyesyou shouldn't ever have to cryi will put you back on your feet againif you'll let me tryoh i will not stop fighting for youuntil the day i die
Oh they know how to shatter your dreamsbut this time they've really gone to extremesthey just don't give a damn about you and me babebut we will not stop fightinguntil they set us free
A change of heartleads toa change of mindwe shouldn't be here wishingfor a change of timei remember when we were just starting outyour world was lonely needed mineso i will not stop fighting for youuntil i run out of time
Oh and i want to stay this close to youand i don't want to stop; no until you feel happy toono one else will understand what we're going throughbut i will not stop fightinguntil you stop fighting too

Composição: Frank Farrell / Leo Sayer
Enviada por Fernando.
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