Happy House


Verse 1:
I'm in a house where there's no one else around
No one's here to tell me that
the radio's too loud
If you wanna step inside
just knock upon my door
I'll make sure when you get out
you won't come back no more

Don't try to take it all away from me
Coz I'm so happy

It's my house and I don't care
what you think of me
It's my house
Don't you worry bout what I'm gonna do next
Coz I don't care
It's my house
It's my house

Verse 2:
There is a room I know I like to hide
Hide from all the troubles that
are going on outside
If all hell breaks loose outside, yeah
I won't make no sound
I'll be far from everyone
I know I won't be found

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus

It's my house

Aaaah… oooh

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus (2x)

It's my house (2x)

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