Honey Bee

Dreams Come True

Tell me baby you remember
Rubbing on my back so suntanned
When you noticed my bikini stripe
Stated to laugh and you said
"You look like a honey-bee
Oh c'mon baby please don't sting!"
No you do that to me

You know my heart was aching
My hands were shaking
I'm so frightened from the feeling that it brings
You stole my heart now
With a "single kiss" wow!
Felt like you were tearing at my wings
Every morning when I wake up
I will then collect a teardrop
And I'll bring it to you everyday
Doesn't matter where I find you
Look around I'm right behind you
Your magnet leads me
I am never far away

I shall fly around, circle up and down
All around the flowers smell so sweet
I will keep on looking till I die I'm searching
Candy nectar makes me feel complete

I will make the sound in your ear, buzz
Can't you hear it echoing, buzz
It's the way the honey-bee cries

You can come and go so freely
All over my body really
Haven't got a single pierce
Baby you explore the beehive
Poking with your playful finger
Endless, it's falling down and down and down now

My hear is aching and my hand are shaking
I will miss you when I see you in my dreams
I can feel it somehow, there's no going back now
Broken beehive, it won't be the same it seems

Tell me if honey-bee's gonna die
After it stings, is it gonna fly?
I will make the sound in your ear, buzz
Can't you hear it echoing, buzz
In your heart, inside you

You hear it in your head
You hear it in your heart
Feel it echoing
Feel it way too deep inside your heart

Composição: Yoshida Miwa
Enviada por Jaciel.
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