At times I don't think you believed me
So I came here to say I'm more than what you think of me as
Not to grieve or participate in thievery
I'm here to change the scenery
Do more than what I did in the past
Not the best to-date
But don't underestimate
Where you stand could be your final resting place
Dead in the grass
So take advantage of the days that you're granted
Do the things that you wanted
That you don't think you're ready to crash

Better to try and fail than to stand still
This can make a man feel useless in the eyes of a few
Never mind what the next man thinks
Cause he just can't seem to separate what's alive from what's true
And who you trying to please anyway?
I hope it ain't a man cause he just as imperfect as you
I reckon ain't nothing worse than
Walking this earth without a purpose or a clue
Of what you're put here to do

All things considered
I'm trying to be a bigger man instead of being bitter
I'm trying to see a better plan instead of seeing glitter
I'm trying to be a better man and never be a quitter
I reckon I can

Go hard or go home is the motto
So I push full throttle makin sure they never leave me behind
Pay attention to the things people follow
'cause it seems people swallow all the gimmicks that are keeping them blind
For those that don't read
The truth is in the book
All you gotta do is look
If you seek then you find
The stronger that you mentally become
The more you benefit
That's why they wanna keep you weak in the mind

Certain shit'll go wrong
Things happen that's all
The real trick is if you try to learn from your mistakes
The pursuit of the glitter can make your friends turn bitter
The next thing you know some of your closest fellas is snakes
I try to find my own faults first
Strictly to see if my opponent does have a relevant case
It's harder to admit when you're wrong
I reckon my whole life is as long as it takes
To get it right

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