MGMT Tame Impala Foster The People

lets go get some mushroom

  1. Afternoon Youth Lagoon
  2. Alien Days MGMT
  3. After The Disco Broken Bells
  4. Alter Ego Tame Impala
  5. Always Junip
  6. Apocalypse Dreams Tame Impala
  7. Attic Doctor Youth Lagoon
  8. Best Friend Foster The People
  9. Beverly Laurel Tame Impala
  10. Bobby Youth Lagoon
  11. Brian Eno MGMT
  12. Broken Jaw Foster The People
  13. Bronte Gotye
  14. Call It What You Want Foster The People
  15. Cannons Youth Lagoon
  16. Chartreuse Capital Cities
  17. Cold Cold Cold Cage The Elephant
  18. Come a Little Closer Cage The Elephant
  19. Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd
  20. Congratulations MGMT
  21. Cool With You Her's
  22. Daisyphobia Youth Lagoon
  23. Daydream Beach Fossils
  24. Daydream Youth Lagoon
  25. Daydream In Blue I Monster
  26. Desire Be Desire Go Tame Impala
  27. Dorothy Her's
  28. Down The Line Beach Fossils
  29. Dropla Youth Lagoon
  30. Electric Feel MGMT
  31. Elephant Tame Impala
  32. Eleven Weeks Vansire
  33. Endors Toi Tame Impala
  34. Evil Friends Portugal The Man
  35. Eyes Wide Open Gotye
  36. Far Away Junip
  37. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Tame Impala
  38. Down The Line Beach Fossils
  39. Dropla Youth Lagoon
  40. Electric Feel MGMT
  41. Elephant Tame Impala
  42. Eyes Wide Open Gotye
  43. Far Away Junip
  44. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Tame Impala
  45. FFunny FFriends Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  46. Flash Delirium MGMT
  47. From The Sun Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  48. Ghost To Me Youth Lagoon
  49. Goats In Trees Foster The People
  50. Hearts A Mess Gotye
  51. Holding On For Life Broken Bells
  52. How Was Your Day? Mellow Fellow
  53. In Every Direction Junip
  54. It Is Not Meant To Be Tame Impala
  55. It's That Talk Again Broken Bells
  56. Jeremy's Storm Tame Impala
  57. July Youth Lagoon
  58. Kangaroo Court Capital Cities
  59. Kids MGMT
  60. Let It Happen Tame Impala
  61. Life On The Nickel Foster The People
  62. Little Dark Age MGMT
  63. Master Of None Beach House
  64. Midnight City M83
  65. Mind Mischief Tame Impala
  66. Modern Jesus Portugal The Man
  67. Montana Youth Lagoon
  68. Mudo Tagore
  69. Multi-Love Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  70. Mute Youth Lagoon
  71. My Kind Of Woman Mac DeMarco
  72. Necessary Evil Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  73. New Person, Same Old Mistakes Tame Impala
  74. Nothing Lasts Bedroom
  75. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control Tame Impala
  76. October Broken Bells
  77. On The Turning Away Pink Floyd
  78. Oscillate Wildly The Smiths
  79. Other People Beach House
  80. Pelican Man Youth Lagoon
  81. Pieces Of What MGMT
  82. Pineal Tagore
  83. Plastic Soldiers Portugal The Man
  84. Posters Youth Lagoon
  85. Pseudologia Fantastica Foster The People
  86. Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People
  87. Purple Yellow Red And Blue Portugal The Man
  88. Quiet Day Fort Lean
  89. Raspberry Cane Youth Lagoon
  90. Reflexo Tagore
  91. Rope and Summit Junip
  92. Sad Eyes Mini Dresses
  93. Shake Me Down Cage The Elephant
  94. She's A Rainbow The Rolling Stones
  95. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) Pink Floyd
  96. Siberian Breaks MGMT
  97. Sleep Apnea Beach Fossils
  98. Sleep Paralysis Youth Lagoon
  99. So Good At Being In Trouble Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  100. Solitude M83
  101. Sometimes Beach Fossils
  102. Space Song Beach House
  103. Sugar Beach Fossils
  104. Sun's Coming Up Tame Impala
  105. Sweetie Little Jean Cage The Elephant
  106. Swim And Sleep (Like a Shark) Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  107. Take Care Beach House
  108. Telescope Cage The Elephant
  109. The Bath Youth Lagoon
  110. The Bold Arrow Of Time Tame Impala
  111. The Final Cut Pink Floyd
  112. The Ghost Inside Broken Bells
  113. The Handshake MGMT
  114. The High Road Broken Bells
  115. The Killing Moon Echo & The Bunnymen
  116. The Less I Know The Better Tame Impala
  117. The Truth Foster The People
  118. The Youth MGMT
  119. Time To Pretend MGMT
  120. Trouble Cage The Elephant
  121. Vaporize Broken Bells
  122. Vital Signs Tame Impala
  123. Você Não Sabe Quantas Horas Eu Passei Olhando pra Você Gorduratrans
  124. Warned You Good Morning
  125. Waste Foster The People
  126. We're Not Just Friends Parks, Squares and Alleys
  127. Weekend Wars MGMT
  128. What Once Was Her's
  129. Why Won’t They Talk To Me? Tame Impala
  130. Your Life Your Call Junip
  131. The stagnant pool Felt