Power Bitch

No Use For A Name

A knock at the door I open it up in comes the queen
All dressed to perfection
Awaiting reception but in my mind one thought to flee
The look in her eye has crossed paths with mine
And stills the last time we met
Suppression has started like last when we parted
I wish she would just stay away.
She's just a power bitch
That I already know
She's just a power bitch
Straight from the depths below
She's just a power bitch
Domination her game
She's just a power bitch
I think I'm going insane
Now she comes in, flashes the grin
Seals the door just like my fate
Off with her clothes, stone cold I am froze
Out comes the beast from within
Whipping and slashing, kicking and slapping
A girl I can't handle, I hope this is all just a dream
She's just a power bitch.

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