Rally Round The Drum

Paul Kelly

Like my brother before me
Im a tent boxing man
Like our daddy before us
Travelling all around Gippsland

I woke up one cold morning
Many miles from Fitzroy
And slowly It came dawning
By Billy Leach I was employed

Rally round the drum boys
Rally round the drum
Every day every night boys
Rally round the drum

Hoisting tent-pole and tarpaulin
Billy says now beat the drum
Rings out across the showground
And all the country people come
Then Billy starts a-calling
Step right up Step right up one and all
Is there anybody game here
To take on kid snowball

Sometimes i fight a gee-man
Yeah we put on a show
Soemtimes I fight a hard man
Who wants to lay me low
Sometimes I get tired
But I don't ever grouse
I've gopt to keep on fighting
Five dollars every house

Like my daddy before me
I stand up and knock em down
Like my brother before me
I'm weaving in your town

Yeah Rally round the drum boys
Rally round the drum
Got to keep on fighting
Rally round the drum

Composição: P.J. Kelly
Enviada por Marival.
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