CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA (translation)

Hironobu Kageyama

Breaking trhough the shining clouds
I'm gonna fly away, fly away
Spreading thru my body, feel the power thru my soul
Kicked in the face, this earth is mad
As a fire brigade, fire brigade
Can't you feel it building up for her to blow
If there ever was a dinosaur
In a mound of icicles
I would wanna train it to ride a ball
* Chala head chala
No matter, if ever anything could happen
Nothing can stop me now
Chala head chala
Oh, my heart just keep sparking up like a ball of flame
Oh yes, it make me fired up, sparking
I feel it, freedom in the sky
My roller coaster, coaster
Coming down to panic, chaos that spread over the ground
Take the scenic route down and upside down
I'm like a melting star, melting star
And the world, seems faster as she's turning round
There's no time for me to mope and cry
I got to get started now
Adventures are so much the meaning to life
Chala head chala
Got so much space in my burning heart now
I'll take it up with all the world
Chala head chala
Smiling today, away today, I'm Ultra Z
Ai, ai, ai , ai

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