Transparent Species

Front Line Assembly

Machines of madness
Destined to destroy
Body fluids deploy

Sleep depravation
Consciousness grows cold
Organic stimulation
Empowered codes

It's time to wake up
It's time to receive
It's time for immersion
Transparent species

Subconscious torture
The nightmare begins
Symbolic terror
Demonic sins

Uncensored vision
No one is heard
Bionic mutations
Rule the world

Hide below
This damnation
Down to the hole

Collapsing planet
Existence is gone
Corporate killers
The creature is strong

Mnemonic castration
The process begins
Unknown locations
Life forms growing dim

It's under your skin
The nightmare begins
Into your mind
You will go blind

Composição: Bill Leeb / Rhys Fulber
Enviada por Juliett.
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