Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder

Álbum de Fatboy Slim Ouvir
  1. The Rockafeller Skank
  2. Praise You
  3. Brimful of Asha [Norman Cook Remix] [Mix]
  4. Weapon of Choice
  5. Gangster Tripping
  6. I See You Baby [Fatboy Slim Remix]
  7. Wonderful Night
  8. Right Here, Right Now
  9. Going Out of My Head
  10. Sunset (Bird of Prey)
  11. Everybody Loves a Carnival
  12. Don't Let the Man Get You Down
  13. Demons
  14. Sho-nuff
  15. Slash Dot Dash
  16. Santz Cruz
  17. Build It Up - Tear It Down
  18. That Old Pair of Jeans