Banda Cartoon

Wish I could remember
All the dreams that I've lost through this dark opened road
Wish I had beem better
And the things that I've seen, not so dark, dumb and cold

Wish that I could only see You
and the love that You share from the start...
Deep in my heart where the light shone is dark and
My soul seeks You more than ever...
And more than ever I seek the truth...

It's time to remember
While that star light still shines in the skies up above
It's time to prepare now,
for the harvest, "we shall gather what we have sown"

And I just can learn up on You,
'cause nothing more could get me back together
Somewhere deep in my heart I still know...
I must be home soon!

All this mystery brings me more than a silent thrill
While I'm lying still
Call it innocence, but I still thing that we could be better
And leave far behind all the sorrow.

"Where is the key to the memories that defines what I am?
Will I find it tomorrow or never... never again?
As I quest through the darkness of forgotten mistakes,
I can't see the path before me, I just feel the earth quake.
And though I know it's an illusion, I can't get myself free,
can't avoid the confusion that takes place inside me.
So if the past can clear the future, tell me, where is the key?"

Composição: Khadhu
Enviada por Daniel.
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