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Be Prepared

You Am I

I was in the sea scouts around twelve or thirteen
I didn't do much, except one jamboree
The motto repeated again and again
Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared til the end

So I learnt the knots and I practised the creed
More morse codes and recipes than I'll ever need
I kept my my woggle straight and my black shoes all shined
I was prepared, was prepared, each Monday 'round nine

She tore through me like I was crepe paper
And I guess I'll find all the pieces of me later
But I walk and wonder most days and most night
Why wasn't I prepared for the rest of my life

I played some football for ten or twelve years
Before them damn Rolling Stones wrecked my brilliant career
I played like the guys I just can't stand them now
They wait round the back for what they can steal

I drank and I smoked and I fucked up through training
And I flicked the towel when I should have been changing
But I don't play the backs of packs since that day
Don't wait, don't wait or she'll get away
Be prepared, be prepared or she'll get away

A teenage production of West Side Story
My singing was crappy and my singing was poorly
But my favourite song came about second act
Play it cool, play it cool and you'll win her back

And the chorus line stepped up to take the applause
With their hair gel melting through their teenage pores
And the parents never knew what was behind those smiles
Play it cool, play it cool and you'll be alright
Be prepared, be prepared and she'll be alright

You don't like the mornings and I sure love the night
That's alright baby that's no reason to fight
Lets meet up 'round seven when the cool air runs in again
and be prepared, be prepared for a long long night in

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