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Body And Soul

Thelonious Monk

My heart
Is sad and lonely
For you I sigh
For you dear only
Why haven't you
Seen it?
I'm all for you
Body and soul

I spend my days
In longing
And wondering why
It's me you're wronging
I tell you I mean it
I'm all for you
Body and soul

I can't believe it
It's hard to conceive it
That you'd
Turn away romance
Are you pretending?
Looks like the ending
Unless I could have
One more chance to prove
My life's a wreck
You're making
You know that I'm yours
For just the taking
I'd gladly surrender
Body and soul

Composição: Edward Heyman / Frank Eyton / Johnny Green / Robert Sour Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Rafael.
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