The Everglow

He sits there staring thourhg the room waiting for something just to move, but nothing fills the but emptiness.

He used to have a lot of friends on who he thought he could depend, but that's just all in the past right now.

Feeling oh what a feeling, loneliness is taking over control.
Dreaming, oh he's still dreaming, feeling the urge to live in the past.

He takes his coat and leaves the room, goes wandering down a street or two. The wind feels cold, he wants to get a drink. He walks inside this bar he knew, the pictures on the wall still look the same but nobody remembers him.

A lady whispers in his ear. He checks his wallet, it's a deal. He pays his drink and takes her to his room. He knows it's only for an hour, but the warmth of her body makes it all a bit more bearable.

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