Biggest Star

The Elected

I'm the biggest star you'll ever see
so you can go, but know you'll miss me
I'll leave it up to you
either way you choose, oh honey
I can't lose

I met a kitten in the street
now I'm not one for cats, but this one got me
and the streets are asleep
and someone's playing blues
but I'm not
I can't lose
no, these days I can't lose

saw a new face the other day
seems our times had had their way
but me I can't complain
I've seen bad days, too
but you know me, kid
I can't lose
no, these days, I can't lose

all my dreams came true, you should know
so if you see her, would you tell her so?
they're gonna know me at the bank
I'm gonna eat my meals for free
and when she sees me, I can't lose
no, honey
I can't lose
no, honey
honey, I, I can't lose
all right!

Composição: Blake Sennett
Enviada por Pablo.
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