Ring 1 - Tower

The Dear Hunter

What a wonderland
Watching them bend to my demands
That's too much power for one man
It's what they all say
If they don't understand

That you're never getting to Tower
Unless you're coming from Tower

I can level any landscape
In fact, there's little left to bring me more joy
From peaks to valleys
Boulevards to alleys
Why waste my time tryna be a diplomat
When I deliver pain?

And there is nothing that compares to
How good it feels to be the one to push the domino
What's beneath it? What's ahead?
No matter, the path won't
Wrap around till long after I'm dead
And one truth remains

That you'll not gain any power
Unless you're starting with power
And you're not starting with power
Unless you come from Tower

Why do you feel your world is safe?
I was bred behind the barricade
One by one we must accept our fate
Mine was rising up to dominate

Who was the first to
Make all the world ask why?
They turned to any reply we tried
Love failed, unable to change their minds
So fear prevailed, and took control

Why would the emperor need new clothes
If he keeps the people indisposed?
They are blessed if they even get to see him

The world will never be the same
So line right up and Praise his name
Oh, so lucky you get to live beneath him

Life is a dream, and you're in mine
Yeah, you're in mine
But oh, what a nightmare I could provide ya
Me on a bad day, you in a bad way

Without a warning I'll put you in mourning
When the light in you dims down
I'll blot the Sun out

Why are the emperors in repose
Like all of the people can be disposed?
Facts are fiction if you've never seen 'em

The world is only made more insane
When the helpless many praise the names of
The very ones who want us stuck beneath them

Composição: Casey Crescenzo
Enviada por Bruno.
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