She's Evil

The Beautiful Girls

you know that girl is evil.
you know that girl is no damn good.
won't you listen to me when i tell you that?
she'll take your heart and leave it under the blade.
she'll cut you good,
and when she's walking away she just won't look back.
don't give your loving to her,
or she'll steal it the same as she stole mine
when she told me it was true love,
then she'll laugh and she'll wave
and she'll start again.

don't you take her advice.
don't be her sacrifice.
she'll erase all of your will.
she's a bitter pill.

she's evil.

we all have hearts for breaking.
we all just make the same mistakes
that we keep making over and over again.
and with all the time it's taking,
come all the games i can't escape.
don't you stop lying to me,
i won't know myself.
it's easy to be righteous
from some throne way up inside an ivory tower,
but be careful you might just
end up falling back down to the

when i don't recognise my soul,
and when it's only fear i know,
like a cold wind on the hill,
i can feel her still.

she's evil.

get what you see,
see what you get.

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