Josie Magnólia

The Baggios

Sad Josie, Walking down the streets
Your life is a mess now, Everybody can see
Your Great desire is to Kill 'em all
Forgot your mother And destroy your town

Mad Josie, who you gonna explode?
This gunpowder in your hands Isn't good at all
No please Josie, don't explode my town
Your Madness is too extreme, Too extreme now!
Run Josie now!

Hey baby you'll have a son
Perhaps you need another home
Yours friends are junkies And your mother know
Everybody drink and listen Rock n' roll

Josie wants be hippie
She wants to purify her soul
Colors in her body
And her motto is peace and love
Josie wants to marry
Got your bike and conqueer the world
Josie wants be hippie
Go Josie go!

Hey man do you changed your life?
Face Josie as your wife
I'm not a liar, she really needs
I believe in miracles
And you can believe

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