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Álbum de Teen Suicide Ouvir
  1. Lonely Boy Goes To A Rave
  2. Benzo
  3. Haunt Me
  4. Everything Is Going To Hell
  5. Falling In Love
  6. Salvia Plath
  7. Doing All The Things I Used To Do With People
  8. We Found Two Dead Swans And Filled Their Bodies With Flowers
  9. Worthless
  10. Suicide
  11. No, The Moon
  12. Spooky Ghost
  13. Afterlife Dating
  14. The Dermis Song
  15. I Am My Own Hell
  16. Dead Cat
  17. Untitled
  18. If I Cleaned Everything
  19. I'm Going Home
  20. Home And Water - Everything Is Going To Hell (hw be kind to everyone rework)
  21. Falling In Love
  22. Give Me Back The Sky
  23. Original Same Things In Dreams
  24. Yr Glow