Serpent War/Cataclysm

Symphony X

Mocking the ways of justice
The Serpent's dragon
Vultures ride storming the gates of seven
No mortal man shall break our stride
Our flames engulf your good works and
Our terror reigns supreme
Dark beasts that do my bidding by
Thrashing, tearing down your dreams

"Gather 'round chosen people of the grand design
Scorn the prophet's words
"The device of our demise"

The crumbling earth beneath the
Weapon's roar
Raining fire from shore to shore
Neptune's might
The storming waves rise to make the kingdom's grave

And all atlantis cried
A million souls crying out
Save the child from the sea
She must carry on
The secrets and technology shrouded
Deep in mystery
Only one will carry on, carry on

"The perservation of balance was utmost importance
And cast into the sea was the child ma'at, to find a new land
Riding on the breath of poseidon"

Composição: Michael Pinnella / Michael Romeo
Enviada por Djalma.
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