The Suits Are Picking Up the Bill

Squirrel Nut Zippers

In a line at the cafe
I overheard the waitress say
"These cats is broke, I knows 'em
"Throw 'em out the doors and close 'em
Spirits sagging, funds are low
This occupation has got to go
Up pulls a limo, up goes a thrill
The suits are picking up the bill!
Its allright for them to tag along
Its just one bill they're tacking on
Buisness suits to the rescue
So nice doing buisness with you
You will really ape and clown when you realize the dough they're shelling out
For this deal!
The suits are picking up the bill
I cannot see from where Im standing
My friends have passed out on a landing
Guess one too many has left us high and dry
I'll be feeling down til the suits get back in town

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