Skinny Puppy

Articulate and fill with nothing said the leach of the
Leeches need pen tip drips noxious function
A double standard fee redirect burn infinite
Decadence replaces the next day crawling
Screams at yesterday eyes gather squinting
Dissect and fear gather words of wisdom to
Fling in vain what is your purpose of this
Game carcass soiled caged broken pieces in
The dust decay nervous exhaustion caused
Jagged cross analogy destroy to depict
It dirt flows down empty veins all alive
Within will seep away ears enlarge to listen
Confess the rest to all gazing up looking
So angelic force feed nothing hot dirt
It was just a little blood it'll wash
Out lifes ambition for you spiteful

Composição: Bill Leeb / Skinny Puppy
Enviada por Fellipe.
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