Skinny Puppy

blatant manner speak parting bonding cement no longer holds
parting [lips?] too young to grow old
addicted romance love tested healing?
from substance abuse
wicked resenting never faces itself
torturer taints animal waits
no evironment torturer loving
righteous real realtime intrusion
fears filtered for reasons unknown
cancer attack leaching desserts so sweet
leaves bitter taste in her mouth forever
torturer taints animal waits
corners creeping fear
tasting force fed lies of the wicked
acting out fears false truths turned around
wicked torture wicked wicked
the wicked words of the torturer
abusing and controlling anyone thats useful to him
wicked waiting of the torturer
wicked waits the torturer
reads story truth seething
believed poison eaten swallows turning away
torturer taints animal with hate
enlightenment turned away
no change the wicked not facing himself
controls turning away
wicked torturer
force fed torment
animal torture
torturer turning away
wicked torturer
wicked not facing himself
wicked turning away
wicked turning away
turning away disappears from himself
tortures the animal
(tortures the animal)
*Slowed down vocal

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