The Highest Of Dystopia

Serenity In Murder

I saw the flare went up dimly
Moaning and mortal lumps squirmed to show me the end
Waves of bloody lake creep on me
Then I made up my mind to leave you on the summit of

The sky is real
The criminal moonlight
That sound made me fidgety
Shadows stared at me
I dragged you to the highest

Now it's the time the world is negative
Without our descriptive senses
Break away from the lures
Today is the day to return to life

Get out of me
Where will you take me?
No longer I deny the fate
There is no place to go
Why can't you see me?
Tomorrow will be my pain to conceal my fear
After crawling under graves
You weren's just sorrow

Get out of me
I won't describe the sight
Who did you bring in?
We lived for the answer our vice is rewarded and grows
Why can't you see me?
Tomorrow will be reactive
The field I got to showed me weak of flesh and blood
I walked away from the world
Why can't you see me?

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