Just a Little In & Out


ooh i kiss your shoulder - move on up against you
feel my breath around you-that's how i wanna hold ya
ooh i taste your body sweat-though i ain't been there yet
i know it's something - we won't soon forget no

don't want to hear you say you love me
you know that that would be a lie
sex and love are two different things - ooh
do i really have to tell you why?
this ain't forever this is for now - hey baby
i really want to show you how
so tell me what's the fuss all about - ooh
it's just a little in and out - ah ah ooh yea
hey baby - ah ah ooh yea ooh babe baby

i - do what i do so well - you'll think I'm hot as hell
you'll feel the fire we're - gonna burn some rubber
ooh attraction is so strong - just wanna turn you on
my motor's runnin' we'll drive it all night long-just do it

in the dark - i want to be your
me and you i'll make it good for you
ooh my baby - ooh my baby
we come and go-
come and go-hit the door-don't nobody need to know
ain't nobody's business-do do-do do do

you got what i want-i got what you need
wasting time to wine and dine me
i don't want love and affection
i just want a love injection
point, aim, shoot in my direction
I'm the trannie mack-taste good like baby back
slip-n-slide, up inside-aowl...down deep!
i thought you knew-aint no other bitch like Ru

Composição: RuPaul
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