Grew up in a house on the hill,
The world outside my window,
People running but their standing still,
On it goes...

Now I'm Living in Tinman town,
And all the while the wind is blowing,
Oh if only you could see me now,
On it goes...

Do Do Do Do Dum Dum dum doo etc.
(TINMAN: People, Cars, Police, Hospitals, Houses, I see factories, I see churches, playgrounds)

Now I'm living in a Tinman town,
And the sign above this place is,
'Do you feel as-though your winding down?'
Letting go,

There is no sound as I am floating through this open window,
My eyes are open but I am not in control,
The people on the ground the clockwork heart that beats inside me,
You would not understand but I had to let you know,

Do Do Do Do Dum Dum dum doo etc.
(TINMAN: I see fields, factories, playgrounds, churches, I see clouds)
Oh oh, oh oh oh

Composição: Crispin Futrille / Rod Futrille
Enviada por Lauro.
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